Zé Parente
Olive Oil

Re-design logo and package to accommodate a new and fresher  brand, the main objective was to create a more modern image to support the market change and appeal to new potential clients like the Gourmet market.

  • ClientZé Parente
  • ServicesDesign, Re-brand, Illustration
  • SoftwareIllustrator, Photoshop

Initial Logo and Lable


Inspiration and References

Origin / History / Fabrication Process / Gourmet / Classic / Fresh / Olives

The research involved knowing the story behind the production of the olive, it’s origin, as well as the process used to obtain the final product (Olive oil).

The colours used were inspired by the classic style of vintage and Gourmet bottles like wine and limited production bottles, always trying to give it an attractive and unique look for the end consumer.


Final proposal

The shapes contained on the Logo design were inspired in the old process from which the Olive oil was produced and talk to its origins. Bringing innovation trough culture and modernization.

Taking into consideration the current market, two similar solutions were presented.

The first includes finishing in Pantone Gold, which gives a unique look to the bottle allowing it to stand out on the shelf, but that also might bring a higher cost to the bottle production. The second proposal the same finish is not included, making it easier and most cost effective to develop.

Labels and Bottles